Welcome to my Blog!

Turns out you can take the girl out of Cake, but you can’t take the cake out of the girl.

With that said! WELCOME!

My passion is anything that has to do with baking! As a self-taught baker and cake designer, I began baking these fun cakes when I was in high school. My deep passion for cake design didn’t really foster until I had my cutie, Nicholas. I exploded with excitement and started baking like crazy! I was always told by my family and friends to start up my own business, but it’s my hobby, and let’s face it, who wants something that they love being thrown out there in the open just waiting for judgment. Well, Not ME at least!scan-4

It wasn’t until my amazing Fiancé supported me and encouraged me to follow my dreams that I began Nickel’s Cake Creations.img_4587

Why Nickel? Well, it’s because that’s what Ray and all the kids like to call me…I know cute right! He he, Okay I’ll stop the dorky talk, wait no I won’t because that’s who I am and you will soon find out if you continue to follow my blog!love nickel.png