Floral Minnie Mouse Cake – The Scoop

FloralMMbothlogo.jpgSo a little while back I had the pleasure of doing the cakes for Monika’s daughters first birthday! I constructed an elegant striped cake with gold confetti for her Floral Minnie Mouse Party! LOVED this cake with the gorgeous gold confetti look. It was a newer technique that I hadn’t done very much BUT love the fresh, classy, clean and contour look of it. This two tiered cake was companied by a buttercream rosette smash cake. Follow me as I take you through some of the steps.

So the main cake consists of a 10-inch round on the bottom and 4-inch round on top, plus the smash cake is also a 4 inch (usually, all my smash cakes come as 4-inch rounds unless requested otherwise). To constructed these cake rounds I used 3 (1 inch) cakes and stacked them. This means Off the bat I already know that I will need 6 – 4-inch rounds & 3 -10-inch rounds.

I used my moist and buttery  “Best White Cake” recipe-  which is my number one pick for all my classic white cakes! It’s beyond moist, and stays moist! Not to mention it’s Unthinkable Flavorful!minnie mouse prep logo 7.jpgWell, not all of you will have this problem, but because I live at a higher altitude, I must modify and perfect my recipes, so I baked my cakes at 365 degrees (I know odd temp) from anywhere between 36-48 minutes depending on the size of the cake pan.oOminnie mouse prep logo 8.jpgOnce I have baked a total of 9 beautifully moist & buttery white cakes (3 10-inch & 6 4-inch), I prefer to let them rest and de-pan them and put them straight into the fridge. I do this because having the cakes cooled and slightly harder makes leveling them, stacking and crumb coating them much easier for me. Makes sense right?

Look at those beauties!Minnie mouse prep logo 11.jpgminnie mouse prep logo 9.jpgI like to store them in cake bins when I put them in the fridge to help prevent potentially drying out.Minnie mouse prep logo 10.jpgWhen they are safely in the fridge, I start immediately on my “Strawberry Buttercream Filling” and put it aside in a closable bowl.minniemouse-prep-logoYou really want to work fast and start immediately on your buttercream that will be used for the crumb coat because the longer the strawberry filling sits out, the more moist and soft it will get. Sometimes that can make it slightly more difficult to fill and make sure the filling actually stays between the layers rather than squeezing out the sides and losing some height and this also makes it difficult to ensure the right amount of filling.

For all my crumb coats and all my cakes that will be covered in fondant, I use my “Crusting Buttercream” recipe because it hardens nicely & keeps shapes I intend. minnie mouse prep logo3.jpg

Once the cakes have cooled in the fridge, I level them with your typical cake leveler and fill each cake (including a crusting buttercream dam around the edges to help prevent the filling from spilling out when you put more layers on top). I then put a quick layer of crusting buttercream on the layered cake and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes to harden up and prevent all the crumbs from going on my final layer of buttercream – this is called the crumb coat.

minnie mouse prep logo4.jpgIsn’t that crumb coat pristine! Just kidding, but it gets the job done!

On another batch of The Crusting Buttercream, I colored it a lovely coral color and used to frost beautiful rosettes on the smash cake.  I like to use the crusting buttercream because it ALWAYS holds the shapes I want!FloralMMsmash logo.jpg

At this point, I put on the final coat of crusting buttercream and made sure to get nice smooth sides and fairly sharp edges. You want to try your best to achieve this so when you put on the fondant it doesn’t look lumpy and uneven. PLUS having sharper buttercream edges also helps give your fondant cake sharper and cleaner edges (which I think looks so much better in the end!).minnie mouse prep logo5.jpgNext up on the blog, I will go over how to make the gorgeous Gold Confetti look!FloralMMcakelogo2.jpgTill next time!

love nickel.png

Some Photo Credit to Tiffany Nicole Photography

Event Planning Credit to Smash Cake SoCal


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